Increase Gas Mileage – The Best Way To Increase Gas Mileage Is To Run Your Car On Water!

filling up car tank with water

As the price of fuel continues to rise at record pace you will probably find many of us struggling to stretch our hard earned dollars any further. We could not be blamed for this as apart from our efforts to drive more efficiently and thus increase gas mileage, we are now wondering what the long term effects of not buying the best gas mileage fuel products are going to be. Questions like “will I get fuel savings as others rise in price?” and “since the costs of powering a vehicle are rising how will this effect my future ability to put food on the table?” are common anxiety faced by millions of people around the world.

The sad truth is that the answer to these questions is not as simple as you may think; the effects are indeed going to effect you in various ways, I am delighted to tell you that there is an answer to the worries you are now feeling. The answer is not as you may think; we are going to help you to save HUGE amounts of money on fuel.

How can we do this?

We are going to teach you the FACTS on how you can easily and quickly increase the gas mileage on your vehicle. Just imagine for a minute, every dollar you spend at the fuel station is not only costing you the price of fuel but it is also adding to the price of owning a vehicle. So how does running your vehicle on water help to save you money?

Increase gas mileage – Surprising Facts

Running your car on water means that the mixture of petrol and water in the engine is being mixed at the ratio of 60% petrol and 40% water. This ‘concatronic injection’ allows the complete combustion of the fuel and it also generates additional power. This means that you can use the same amount of fuel and it will produce the same amount of power. You will save money and it is also good for the environment. As the maintenance costs of the hybrids are much higher than that of petrol cars, you will save this money on your fuel costs and it is also better for the environment.

Power and Performance – A VERY efficient system!

The combination of hydrogen and petrol also allows the engine to be much more efficient than its original configuration. Most of the time, most of the electrical energy in the cars is used by the engine. However by making the engine more efficient you will see better performance and enhanced power. The engine is now more efficient than it was before and you will also see the difference on how the car handles.

The fuel characteristics of water also play a role in how well the car takes to the road. Water does not have the settling listed properties of petrol and diesel, and so the turbulence is less, which in turn allows better performance. You will also notice that the car is much quieter than before.

Fuel consumption is more than 35% lower than a petrol or diesel car.

As the engine is running the car is not only running more efficiently but also colder and cleaner.

The maintenance costs of hybrids is also less, than a normal car, however I’m not sure how it would stack up in an car appraisal.

Safety – Safer than petrol

Most people would like to see improvements in road safety, and hybrids do bring about a lot of benefits, less maintenance, safer driving, and increased performance. With less maintenance and safety costs the hybrid can be more affordable to run and it is environmentally friendly.

So the answer to the question is yes it is possible to run your car on water, however the cost of doing so is probably more than you are prepared to spend, so if you really want to increase performance and chances of a fuel saving every month then how much you are prepared to spend is the deciding factor.