Why Should you Hire a Dallas, TX DWI Attorney if you get Arrested for Drunk Driving

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Like in many states in the US, drinking and driving while in Texas can lead to harsh consequences. This is due to the possible fatalities that can be caused by such behaviour, and the state has made a concrete intervention to ensure that this is managed. It should be noted that drinking and driving can have far reaching implication on property. If you are arrested as a result of drinking and driving, the first thing you should do is to contact a Dallas DWI attorney.

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Why should you hire a Dallas, TX DWI attorney if you get arrested for drunk driving?

To start with, handling a DWI case requires a lot of training and experience in the field of criminal law. Your attorney will help you challenge the revocation of your license, and this should be done within 15 days of the offense. Dallas is a busy place, and you could have a problem when driving. If you do, an attorney will make an audit of your case and help you accordingly.

It is very important that you cooperate with the authorities when you are asked to take a breathalyzer test. But suppose you fail the test, it does not automatically mean that you are guilty. Your attorney will help you understand the dynamics that face a breathalyzer test, and defend you before the jury. There have been a few instances where the outcomes of the test were erroneous.

Your attorney is going to help you in the application of board. Each county in Texas has its bond amount and terms. Your attorney is going to help you in this critical process. Dallas County attracts a bond of $ 500- $ 1000.

Unfortunately, a DWI could lead to a jail term. Perhaps, this is the most important reason why you should hire an attorney. The jail term could lead between 6 months and 20 months. If you have an attorney, you will be surprised at how the legal expert can reduce your jail sentence. In fact, you could find that he or she is able to get rid of the jail sentence and go for other forms of sanction.

Lastly, your Dallas, TX, attorney is going to help you to classify the offense committed. For example, the state would be more lenient of you if the case involves a juvenile. Similarly, the state could be lenient if the case is a first case. Closely connected to this, one should never assume that the only option is pleading guilty. The attorney will help you explore a plethora of options that are available.

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Dallas, Texas has many DWI attorneys available in the market. Factors to consider when seeking an attorney include cost, past cases and selected case studies, and the experience of the professional. He or she must be conversant with Dallas criminal law landscape. Overall, a Dallas, Texas, attorney is indispensable in the case of a DWI.