Why Every Los Angeles Business Should Consider Hiring an ADR Attorney

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Los Angeles has a vibrant business environment. Its high population provides a ready market for goods and services, and the market will continue growing. However, in such a case, conflict is bound to occur and your business could be threatened with a lawsuit. Your business could also desire to take a party to court. However, have you thought about seeking an alternative dispute resolution instead of going to court? There are ample ADR opportunities available in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles advanced dispute resolution

why every Los Angeles business should consider hiring a ADR Attorney before going to court

There are several reasons why your business should contact a Los Angeles ADR Attorney prior to going to court. Litigation is a lengthy, expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating process. It involves multiple and complex actors. In the history of the US, businesses have fallen because of a lawsuit.

Whereas you may confidently think that you are going to win in a certain lawsuit, the outcomes of the lawsuit are unpredictable. Lawyers are able to identify loopholes and small things that have changed the course of justice.

ADR is cheaper and faster than litigation. Arbitrators do not have to be experts in law, and are not necessarily judges or attorneys. It does not take a long process to gather an arbitration team. And the outcomes can be validated and accepted much faster. Though Los Angeles is an expensive city, ADR is affordable.

The ADR process carries better privacy terms than the court process. In fact, some high ranking companies and eminent personalities prefer ADR in order to avoid being in the limelight. By the fact that the parties involved accepted the ADR process, it gives it the necessary legitimacy. It’s the choice of the party involved to accept ADR or not, and this gives the ADR process legitimacy. However, many commercial entities do suggest that ADR should be used prior to going to court. In fact, some employers have made the employees sign documents that bind them to arbitration and not litigation.

The court process is an adversarial process. From the level of an individual, if somebody takes you to court, then that’s the end of the friendship. Litigation can make enemies. Whereas other businesses may be your competitors, you do not have to make enmity with them through litigation. ADR has been known to carry desirable outcomes to an extent that adversaries reconciled and even became partners.

The Federal Arbitration Act (1925), holds that agreements made in ADR are valid, recognized, and enforceable. However, the parties should ensure that the arbitrator chosen is acceptable to all the parties. For example, if it is a dispute between an employer and an employee, the arbitrator should be acceptable to both parties.

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The following are the main forms of ADR: mediation, arbitration, settlement conferences, mini-trials, and renta-judges. Whichever option you decide on, it is better to seek ADR rather than litigation. Overall, ADR in California will save you time, money, and will lead to optimal outcomes.