Great Ideas for a Home Renovation

Ideas for a Home Renovation

So, you’ve kind of got a writer’s version of blank page syndrome. You want to renovate your home, and you just don’t have any idea what to do, because you just have so many directions in which you can take it. Or maybe you have some idea, but don’t really know how your gonna be able to really fully realize that vision that you want.

Both of which are completely okay, and are natural when you’re doing anything creative, sometimes you just can’t get your ideas out onto the page, and sometimes you just can’t seem to figure out what to do in general. It’s something that everyone goes through and is really a part of the process, it’s just something that your gonna have too tough through to get to the sparkling gem that is your creative ideas for your amazing soon to be renovated home.

Not to worry though, as I have always said, creativity is at its best when in collaboration. You can get ideas from the people around you, in this case the homes around you, and the way they do things when they are doing the amazing creative things that they do every day. Of course, the people that you are going to be taking inspiration from also had trouble figuring out what they should be doing with their homes and the creativity struggles they faced, just like you.

We aver got a ton of great ideas for you to take inspiration from, and in all different parts of a house. You can take a look at what some people did to the exterior of the house, the interior, see what they did to the kitchen, to some of the bedrooms, sitting rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and tons more rooms galore. You aren’t going to be facing much trouble after this hit of inspiration that you’ve come by to look at.

Now, luckily for you, you’ve come by our creative abode and have decided to take inspiration from this plethora of some of the greatest ideas for home renovation. So, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list of great ideas for Home Renovation.

Also, just a little note, is that for this particular list is going to be going in order of room, so for one section were going to be focusing on kitchen renovation, then the next section could be a living room, then a master bedroom renovation. So, just to let you know.

A Living Room Renovation

So, start off this amazing list of the greatest ideas that you can imitate for your own home renovations is the most basic of rooms, yet has the most style of any. Of course, a living room is the center piece of the house and is considered by many to be the most important room for many reasons, but mainly for having guests and family over, and for relaxation. So arguably it’s the room that is used most in the house in day-to-day life, if you exclude sleeping in a bedroom.

So, being the great room that it is (pun completely intended), let’s take a look at some of these amazing ideas that you could use for your own home renovation. For this section of the house, being the center piece of the building, it needs to have a style that the rest of the house will imitate, so it needs to be efficient, flexible, and sturdy.

Starting off is a more modern rustic look for the living room. An open contemporary style would be great to have, very comfortable, and very easy to spread to the rest of that house if that’s what you want to do. You could use some nice rustic pieces of art and furniture, using wood would be a pretty good choice for a rustic look, and some neat architectural designs would be very helpful. Using beams on the ceiling is always a good choice if you really want your living room to look great, wooden beams being the most popular, especially in log cabins.

Next would be a modern oriental kind of design, something that I personally love, and would love to implement into my own home very soon. This is a very light design, using light blues, whites and sometimes greys to really give an open feeling, letting natural light in through some big windows to make everything really relaxed and calm. It’s something that I really want for my own home, like I said a few seconds ago, because the thought of sipping coffee in a room like that every morning is magical.

The last living room renovation idea is one for the fancier individuals. A Victorian style flair would be just amazing for anyone who needs it. Giving it a renaissance, or Victorian style paneling on the walls, using again a light airy style of room, using more geometric shaped décor, and soft blues and greys.

A Basement Renovation

Moving on, this section is dedicated to a less normal room in the average home. More and more houses in the United States have decided to not include a basement, for a lot reasons, a lot of which is reasonable, but I still think that a basement is a worthy inclusion in any home. As long as you can keep the creepy crawlies away and any kind of shivering feeling after watching a horror movie.

There are a ton of different ways that you can renovate your basement, a lot of which would be so much fun. The first thing that we are gonna say you can renovate your basement into is also the idea that I would decide to do. You can renovate your old dingy basement into a high tech, fun, amazing, home theater. How amazing would it be for you to go down to your basement every night with your friends and family and watch classic films in your ow personal theater. It’s a small dream that I have and hope to make happen one day, hopefully you can make your own some time soon.

The next thing we can renovate your soon to be amazing basement into is another really fun one, especially if you’re more a high tech or gaming person. You can turn your basement into an arcade, which would be just amazing. You can go down and play all the classic arcade games that you did when you were a kid, like ski ball, Pac-Man, and tons of other amazing games. It’s also a really good Idea if your more of a family persona and have kids in the house.

The last basement idea that we have for you is a little more normal compared to the other two, something a little simpler, laid back for the average person. You can turn your dingy little basement into a soon amazing relaxation cave. Put in some rustic couches, maybe some yoga mats, maybe some big TV’s, a fridge, just a general living room, but with the added twist of fun.

A Bathroom Renovation

Our next section is one for the better of all people in the natural world, this is a look into renovation ideas for a bathroom, whether it’s a guest bathroom, a master bathroom, or a simple bedroom bathroom connection. All of these are great and will help expand the convenience and experience of your trip to the bathroom every morning.

Now the first renovation idea of two that we have here is going to be nice and warm, using contemporary gray tile flooring and shower, dark wood flat paneling cabinets, and marble sink top. Really nice, simple, efficient, and calming while you take your morning shower. It really makes a difference if you decide to add in some greens, a few potted plants, vines, and such to really give the room a more calming effect for your bathroom.

The next room that we are going to talk about is a little more traditional, but definitely an upgrade to be considered by a majority of people around the entirety of the world. Using slick marble to decorate a majority of it, giving a clean feeling and some type of wood to accent the bathroom would just be the best, traditional, clean, easy and helpful to everyday life. A little natural light to a bathroom like this would be amazing in a master bathroom, especially on a second or third floor.

In general, a basic bathroom can be upgraded using a different style of design, even if the design uses the same materials that a basic, traditional bathroom uses. A lot of things can be expanded and upgraded upon. For example, a plain sink attachment to the wall, can be remade into a more wooden one, maybe suing a black marble to accent it, all of which is amazing, it just takes a little thought put into it. Kinda like a puzzle, just take a look at your puzzle pieces and in only an hour you should be done.

A Bedroom Renovation

Now, we move onto the main event. When people really think about renovating their home, they always imagine what they are going to be doing to the place they sleep. The bedroom is a safe space, a sanctuary that people can go into when they need to take a break and just separate from the world sometimes. So, finding the right kind of style for your bedroom and the design is really important as it can impact your day-to-day life in a major way.

There are multiple ways that you can renovate your bedroom and a lot of them are amazing, but I really look at designing a bedroom based on light. Do you want a darker bedroom, a lighter, airy bedroom? Maybe something that uses soft blues, calming greens, luxurious golds, slick reds, etc. It all depends on who you are as a person, and what you prefer. A good way of thinking about it is “what do I want to see every morning when I wake up?”

So, the first kind of design is a darker one, making natural light a little harder to get into the room, using darker woods and carpet, and maybe some darker sheets for the bed, dark gray, or black being very good choices. Something to keep in mind with a design like this is that it can be very encompassing, so, what I like to do to counteract that is by putting in a splash of color, dark coloring though of course, we want to stick to the theme. So maybe put in a dark green lining to the room, to the sheets, maybe a dark red or blue to some accents, etc. Whatever you want to do will be great.

The next design is a lighter one, so letting natural light in a lot easier with some bigger windows, lighter color décor, and more air coming in through the vents. Maybe even a patio to walk out onto when you want some real fresh air. Now, like a darker room choice, a light room can be a little stuffy, so to counteract that, you can put in some daker colors, just a little, to really make the room pop. So maybe use some darker sheets, maybe a few darker blues to accent the lighter greys, etc. Again, whatever you choose is going to be great.

A Conclusion

So, we talked about the best home renovations ideas that you can have for your future to be house, and all the great ways that you can do to upgrade and make them better. We talked about the very important living room, the bathrooms, bedrooms, and basements renovations, a lot of which we think would be amazing in a home like yours.

We hope that this deep dive list is helpful to you and given you a restart in your spark of imagination. Hopefully it will make things easier for you in your journey of amazing renovation, and design.