Why Concrete Showers are the New Thing and are Beneficial

concrete showers

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, concrete showers are the way to go. If you know nothing about bathroom construction, you might not realize that concrete showers have only recently gained traction in the field. If you know a lot about construction and renovations, you are probably surprised to realize that they have become the new thing, the primary attraction in some places.

It isn’t difficult to understand why. This trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it is going to grow in popularity as the years pass because it has so many benefits, including:

1). Durability

Concrete showers are highly durable. If you have concrete floors in your bathroom and they were installed by a competent professional, they will last forever, or at least, for as long as the home stands. This is why concrete is categorized as a cost-effective material. Once you install it, you don’t have to replace it for decades. The same cannot be said for other materials most of which require frequent and costly maintenance and repair. Concrete will stand the test of time.

concrete shower

2). Water

Most materials used in bathrooms require frequent maintenance because water is a destructive element. It tends to expedite wear and tear. However, concrete isn’t as vulnerable to water and moisture. A Concrete shower are rarely affected by water damage.

Of course, that assumes that your bathroom was constructed by a professional. Shoddy work can result in expensive renovations, especially in situations where the concrete cracks, allowing water to infiltrate the components below.

A competently designed concrete shower will not succumb to the effects of water. Though, you are encouraged to monitor and inspect the concrete elements in your bathroom on a regular basis. If cracks appear, you are better off finding them early and patching them. But such maintenance works are simple and inexpensive.

concrete shower panels

3). Cleaning

Concrete isn’t a hassle where cleaning is concerned. First of all, it only requires periodic washing. It isn’t prone to staining. And even when stains manifest, they are easy to remove if you catch them early. For the most part, some basic sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping are enough to keep your shower clean.

There are no special washing regiments required. The material can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals. There is a risk of discoloration. But if this issue doesn’t concern you, feel free to clean your shower using any tools and detergents that suit you.

As you can see, it is difficult to argue against the benefits that concrete brings to the table. Though, it is by no means perfect.

For instance:

1). The material is cold. If your shower has a concrete floor, and if it is in direct contact with the earth, the slab’s tendency to absorb heat might inconvenience people that hate the cold. Then again, you can solve this problem by adding a thermal barrier that prevents heat loss.

2). While concrete is easy to clean, if you allow stains to set in, removing them could present a challenge. This is particularly true for people that fear discoloration. You might have to rely on chemicals that affect the appearance of the concrete to remove stubborn stains.