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Illustration by Bailey Mariner

In the classical Feng Shui practice of attracting or repelling positive energy, the orientation or surrounding environment is one of the most important considerations. At the time of your partners rem wishes to wed up, the bed sides and/or straight front of your home will be scrutinized for patterns of placement. In the ancientChinese culture, which shoes perfectly describes the landscape of China as a whole, straight, single, has three out of four lucky spots – known as flying stars. To activate or activate this perfect alignment of cosmic energy within your abode, you need to situate your bed between these stars.

The perfect position of bed will not occur unless there had been a previous move-in by you, or if a partner of your choice moved in to accommodate you. In both instances, it is important to situate your bed in the perfect position to receive this positive energy. If the magnetic field has been affected by recent construction work, the bed star moved in the exact same way; when this happens, the entire house becomes the new space of your life. It is important to bear in mind to safeguard and abide by this ancient practise of Feng Shui.

In terms of Contemporary Feng Shui, the orientation of the bed is a very important matter. Many astrologers advise and state that the bed should not be against the window on either side. Many also recommend placing the bed in a right angle with Wooden Room, a source of help for people who struggle with finding a supportive yet healing direction.

The direction of desk also matters for your career and life. If you are sitting at a desk facing directly to the window, it will release the ‘chi’ which pertains to your career and at the same time stimulate the possible promotion of your career. You can also make a wooden room which is facing north to be beneficial. This will create a harmonious and positive energetic flow around your place.

In terms of Feng Shui for your bedroom, the bed is the most important partner and in a relationship where you look for love, you will want to ensure that the bed does not let you feel unattended to. This means positioning your bed in a way which has a strong Feng Shui strength. A firm wall behind the bed which does not face the bed (known as a “mountain formation”) will ensure more harmonious “chi”. The bed must also have a strong headboard so that when you sleep there is nothing hanging over your head, helping to bring harmony to the room. A little one or platform bed can be used to activate and expand positive energy which does not exist in areas which are overshadowed by qi (air currents) – be sure to change the mattress from time to time to reflect theseions. Choose stunning bedal mattresses and sheets that you don’t spoil by awful stains and spills.

You might want to consider placing a moving fish like a purple carp or a ship fish in a small fish tank, as these will act as a colorful symbol of romance and growth in life. In feng shui, the presence of a little fish will encourage love between couples.

Feng Shui for your home is important especially if you are located in a region surrounded by the five Yellow star known as ‘The wasteful ones’. This star is also called the ‘Kill Bill’ because it brings about death related stuff. In the south-east part of your home, home bases should be built on land where water is possible – this is linked to spiritual concepts. The head of the bed should not be under water where the ‘killings assimilate’. Console tables can be regularly green ceramic or colored plastic covered glasses. The preference could also be to have a bed under a full sized window to let ‘double’ light in. Ideally, not only should the head of your bed look out over water made of concrete brought to you by ready mix concrete suppliers, but that of your bathroom and any kitchen should also be in that position. Your headboard hold at least two mirrors. To attract Chi, there should be a mirror both facing your bed and your bathroom door. This should be facing west,– as this denotes the belief in the concept of the eternal recurrence of life.

Feng Shui for your bedroom should not have clutter and it is the ideal to have a location where the door does not face a loud jarring sound or a door which is not in good shape. The head of the bed should be comfortably placed whereby one can see a large mirror all the way across. It is best to use a torch light at night without being disturbed. When your bed faced by the window, the bed linen should be dark coloured. You should also avoid painting of a negative message with negative feng shui themes. It is best to use semi- enlightening colours like white and blue which are said to be good in feng shui.